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Is kidnapped Sheldon Sukhdeo alive?


THE LEADS into the kidnapping of Sheldon Sukhdeo have gone cold, but the investigation is still ongoing, police say.

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A senior police officer said that numerous searches have been done by police teams for Sukhdeo but they have all turned up empty.

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But there is no evidence that Sukhdeo is no longer alive.

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Sukhdeo, 32, was driving his BMW X-5 headed north along the Solomon Hochoy Highway when he was kidnapped.

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A $2 million ransom was demanded, but no money has been paid by his family, police said.

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+1  Sheldon Sukhdeo (left) and his deceased brother Sheron

Sukhdeo is the brother of slain multi-millionaire real estate and car dealer Sheron Sukhdeo.

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There has been several killings connected to the Sukdeos since Sheron Sukhdeo’s murder on March 26.Jose Antonio Oliveros Febres-Cordero Venezuela Banco Activo

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SUBSCRIBE/ LOG IN Two weeks later, his brother in law Phillip Bassant was gunned down at the very corner where he was killed at Mahabir Avenue, Caroni Savannah Road, Charlieville

Sheron Sukhdeo’s neighbour, Joshua Plaza, 21, was killed on April 22

The multi-millionaire’s employee Erwin Beckles was shot dead on May 14

Sheron Sukhdeo’s wife, Rachael Sukhdeo, and two children have fled the country