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If Lopez Obrador wins Mexico’s elections, it would be a setback for the cause of democracy in Venezuela


25/05/2018 – MiamiHerald. / There’s bad news for supporters of democracy in Latin America: Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the frontrunner in Mexico’s July 1 presidential election, plans to appoint foreign-policy dinosaurs to his cabinet. And his would-be appointees say they will not criticize Venezuela‘s dictatorship.


López Obrador is a leftist populist politician, but he is not a Hugo Chávez or a Fidel Castro. In fact, when interviewed him when he was mayor of Mexico City, I got the impression that he has little knowledge of – and no interest in – foreign policy.

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But he has recently said that, if elected, he will return to Mexico’s old-guard foreign policy of “nonintervention” in other countries’ affairs.


“Nonintervention” is the excuse used by totalitarian states such as Cuba and Venezuela – as well as by Mexico’s authoritarian governments in the 20th century – to justify their support for other dictatorships and to defend themselves against outside criticism of their human-rights abuses.

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