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WAPIC launches first insurance ombudsman desk in Nigeria

Wapic Insurance Plc on Friday launched the first ombudsman desk in Nigeria, charged with responsibility of investigating commercial disputes and mediate fair settlement between the company and its customers.

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The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the underwriting firm, Mrs Yinka Adekoya, said at the launch in Lagos, said the desk would also be responsible for settlement of commercial disputes, henceforth.

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She said the desk would engage the parties, informally with a view to resolving the disputes on time to encourage business continuity and improve customer experience

She said, “Wapic Insurance is excited to launch the desk, though having an ombudsman desk is not new in the Western-developed societies and some parts of Africa

“However, this is first time an insurance company in Nigeria would launch its very own ombudsman desk

“It is also to buttresses the vision of transforming and illuminate the insurance industry for the benefit of customers and stakeholders,” she posited

She maintained that the desk was the best medium to channel disputes

According to her it is also to build confidence in current and prospective customers, about the firm’s services and ability to handle their expectations

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