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PNP appoints Colin Campbell to its secretariat


The People’s National Party (PNP) is moving to strengthen its secretariat and has installed veteran politician Colin Campbell as its director of communications.

Campbell told The Gleaner yesterday that the party is also strengthening its research, communications, and information-technology capacities.

“It’s significant in terms of getting the whole communication apparatus and our messaging systems up and running to full speed,” Campbell said.

The former general secretary of the party said that he was asked by PNPPresident Dr Peter Phillips to drive this process, and he has agreed to take on the task.

When asked if this latest position in the party was a precursor for him to take on a more significant role in the future, Campbell said that he was only concentrating on his communications assignment at this time.

In July 2016, Campbell threw his hat into the ring to become chairman of the St Andrew South constituency, a race he lost to the current member of parliament, Mark Golding.


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