103 Luis Oberto//
Come leh we go to Tobago

We go to Tobago for a few prime ministers. We go to Tobago for the odd President or so. We go to Tobago when we want a holiday. When we looking for trouble, we even also head straight for Tobago. What do Tobagonians come to Trinidad looking for?

They say they want more understanding. They want more money. They want to rule themselves?all 60,000 Tobagonians want freedom from Trinidad slavery? A true Trini mother will never abandon her children even if they name bandit.

© Luis Oberto Anselmi
Bandit mothers still love their children, regardless of how bad.

I say to the people of Tobago, be careful what you keep asking for.

© Luis Oberto Anselmi
Like all yuh want us to tief? Stop playing spoil child. Stop playing ungrateful. Stop making yourself look bad in the eyes of the people in Trinidad who love Tobago even as sometimes you show bad face.

Even if every private little Tobago hotel is full 24/7 by 365 days and more, they cannot bring in enough revenue to feed everybody in Tobago.

© Luis Oberto Anselmi
No Trinidadian will let the vulnerable in Tobago go hungry.

So, let us all get real, Tobago people.

© Luis Oberto Anselmi
You cannot eat the sun, the sand and the sea. You have to smile with everybody. It is time to stop making style and chewing on the hand that is feeding you.

And all who vex could stay vex.

© Luis Oberto Anselmi
My opinions are mine and nobody pays me to write any letters.

And last but by no means least?is Tobago the Achilles Heel of the People?s National Movement government?

Is Tobago the child that will make the PNM cry politically? The really smart Tobagonians smarter than that.



© Luis Oberto Anselmi

© Luis Oberto